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New Text command


Creates a new text file.


This command displays a new EmEditor window and prepares to start writing a new document. This command will not immediately create a file on disk. The file will not be created until you select the Save command or the Save As command after you write something.

By default, this command uses the Text configuration. You can change the default configuration at the Define Configurations dialog box. By default, the Text configuration uses the system default encoding, CR+LF  (Windows) as the return method, usually Western European as the font category on the English version of Windows, and does not use a template. You can change the default settings in the New File Details dialog box, which can be accessed by clicking the Properties for Current Configuration button (or press ALT + ENTER), selecting the File tab, and then clicking the New Files button.

How to Run

Plug-in Command ID





editor.ExecuteCommandByID 4096

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