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History tab

The History tab allows you to customize settings related to history.

Number of Recent Files text box

Number of recently used files shown in the File menu and the tray icon menu. The maximum is 64.

Number of Recent Fonts text box

Number of recently used fonts shown in the View menu. The maximum is 64.

Popup if Number of Items Exceeds text box

Number of items first displayed in the menu. The items exceeding this number are displayed inside the More popup menu.

Strip Path for Files in Current Folder check box

If this is checked, the path of the file in the same folder as the active file will not be displayed. However, the full path may appear when a new file is created and when there is no other file opened. The tray icon menu always displays the full path.

Extra Keyboard Shortcut drop-down list box

Specifies keyboard shortcuts when the number of menu items exceeds ten. Select one of the following options.

No Shortcut Does not add any keyboard shortcuts.
All Zeros Adds all zeros (0).
Add Alphabets Adds alphabets (A-Z). If this is selected, depending on the menu configuration, other existing menu item keyboard shortcuts might conflict with these alphabets.

Monitor the Clipboard copied on External Applications check box

If this is checked, EmEditor will not monitor the Clipboard contents copied on external applications.

Clear History button

Clicking this button clears all the recently used strings in find, replace and for recently used files.

Reset button

Resets to default settings.

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