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Status tab

The Status tab allows you to customize settings related to the EmEditor Status Bar.

Status list box

Displays the list of items that can be displayed in the Status Bar. This list contains the following items:

Current Configuration Displays the currently selected configuration.
Cursor Position Displays the current line and column at the cursor.
Character Code at Cursor Displays the character code at the cursor.
Current Encoding Displays the current encoding.
Overwrite Mode Displays the Overwrite mode.
Read Only Mode Displays the Read Only mode.
Current Folder Displays the current folder.
Return Method Displays the return method of the entire file (not available for very large files).
Number of Characters Displays the number of characters in the selection.
Number of Words Displays the number of words in the selection (not available for very large files).
Number of Lines Displays the number of lines in the selection.
Memory Size Displays the Memory Size
L1 Cache Size Displays the L1 Cache Size
L2 Cache Size Displays the L2 Cache Size
Percentage of Physical Memory in Use Displays the Percentage of Physical Memory in Use
CSV Mode Displays the name of the CSV mode if the current document is in a CSV mode. Otherwise, displays Normal Mode.
Bookmark Count in the Entire Document Displays the number of bookmarks in the current document.

Up button

Moves the selected item up on the list.

Down button

Moves the selected item down on the list.

Show Execution Time check box

If this is checked, EmEditor shows execution time for some features such as Find All, Replace All, Filter, and Undo in the status bar.

Reset button

Resets to default settings.

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