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New File Details dialog box

This dialog box appears when the New Files button on the File tab of Configuration Properties is selected.

Encoding drop-down list box

Select the encoding when you save a new file.

Add a Unicode Signature (BOM) check box

Add a signature when you save a new file as Unicode or UTF-8.

Return Method drop-down list box

Select a return method when you create a new file.

Use Template check box

Use a template file to begin with as a new file.

Template File text box

Specify a template file name to load as a new file.

... button

Click this button to find the specified file.

Set Initial Folder check box

Sets a default initial folder. When an untitled document is saved, the Save As dialog box will be initialized with the specified initial folder. Notes that if a known folder (such as Documents, Pictures, etc.) is specified, the Windows system might redirect the folder location. If the Sky Drive integration is set on Windows 8.1, the Documents folder might be redirected to the Sky Drive Documents folder.

Initial Folder text box

Specifies a folder name for the default initial folder.

... button

Click this button to find the specified initial folder.

Reset button

Resets to default settings. The Reset dialog box will be displayed and will allow you to copy from another configuration.

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