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EmEditor is a robust, easy-to-use, multi-feature text editor. EmEditor features the following elements:

New Features in Version 14

Enhanced Multiple Selections
Percent-encoding (URL Encoding)
Move Line Up/Down

New Features in Version 13

Multiple Selection Editing
More Support for Very Large Files
Multiple File Encoding Conversion
Quick Launch

New Features in Version 12

Matching Tag Highlight
Improved Bookmarks
Improved Markers
Messaging (Plug in)

New Features in Version 11

Tooltip to show HTML/XML character reference
Find toolbar
Batch replace

New Features in Version 10

New Compare and Synchronize Scrolling features
New Spelling features

New Features in Version 9

New Snippets Plug-in
Brackets/Quotation Mark Auto-Complete
Full Screen View
Clipboard History
Wildcard Support
Workspace Including Undo Information
New External Tools
Pin to List
Save in Protected Folder
Other New Features

New Features in Version 8

Large File Controller
Vertical Selection Editing
Binary Editing
Optimized Search and Replace
Improved Projects Plug-in
More Features Added

New Features in Version 7

Optimized to Open Huge Files
New Plug-ins
Keystroke and Mouse Operation Recording and Playback
New Objects, Properties, and Methods for Macros
Macros Toolbar
Portability Options (Ready for a USB Drive Install)
More Features Added 

New Features in Version 6

Custom Bars*
More Tab Features*
Output Bar*
Quick Start
Other ActiveScript Support

New Features in Version 5

Light-Weight, Single-Process, Multi-Threading, and Low Memory Usage
Powerful Tab Features
Application Error Handler Support 

Basic Features

Powerful, functionally-rich macros*
Keyword Highlighting
Unicode Support
Find in Files
Replace in Files
External Tools
Drag and Drop
Highest Quality Features
For Web Designers
Other features

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