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Item Property

Retrieves the DisplayItem object for the specified index.


item = list.Item( Index );


item = list.Item( Index )



Specifies the index of the item as a one-based integer.

If the object is a color list, it should be one of the following values.

eeColorNormal General
eeColorSelection Selection
eeColorCurrentLine Current Line
eeColorQuote Quoted Line
eeColorURL URLs
eeColorMailTo Mail addresses
eeColorTag Find in Files hyperlinks
eeColorSingleQuotes String enclosed by single quotation marks '...'
eeColorDoubleQuotes String enclosed by double quotation marks "..."
eeColorComment Comments
eeColorScript Script
eeColorBraces Matched parentheses/brackets
eeColorInsideTag Tags
eeColorHighlight1 Highlight (1)
eeColorHighlight2 Highlight (2)
eeColorHighlight3 Highlight (3)
eeColorHighlight4 Highlight (4)
eeColorHighlight5 Highlight (5)
eeColorHighlight6 Highlight (6)
eeColorHighlight7 Highlight (7)
eeColorHighlight8 Highlight (8)
eeColorHighlight9 Highlight (9)
eeColorHighlight10 Highlight (10)
eeColorReturn Returns, tabs, EOF
eeColorCursorLine Cursor-focused lines
eeColorPageBreak Page break marks
eeColorLineNumbers Line numbers
eeColorRuler Ruler
eeColorOutside Outside of regions

If the object is a search list, it specifies a number of times the search has been made.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 7.00 or later.

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