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FontCategory Property

Retrieves or sets the current font category.


nCategory = document.FontCategory;

document.FontCategory = nCategory;


nCategory = document.FontCategory

document.FontCategory = nCategory



Select from the following values.

eeFontCategoryDefault Normal
eeFontCategoryArabic Arabic
eeFontCategoryBaltic Baltic
eeFontCategoryCentralEuropean Central European
eeFontCategoryChineseSimplified Simplified Chinese
eeFontCategoryChineseTraditional Traditional Chinese
eeFontCategoryCyrillic Cyrillic
eeFontCategoryGreek Greek
eeFontCategoryHebrew Hebrew
eeFontCategoryJapanese Japanese
eeFontCategoryKorean Korean
eeFontCategoryThai Thai
eeFontCategoryTurkish Turkish
eeFontCategoryVietnamese Vietnamese
eeFontCategoryWesternEuropean Western European
eeFontCategoryOEM OEM/DOS


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 4.00 or later.

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