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Frequently Used Objects

Document Object
Editor Object
Selection Object
Window Object 

All Objects

AssociationItem Object
AssociationList Collection
AssociationProp Object
AutoSaveProp Object
BackupProp Object
clipboardData Object
Config Object
Configs Collection
Csv Object
DisplayItem Object
DisplayList Collection
DisplayProp Object
Document Object
Documents Collection
DroppedFiles Collection
Editor Object
FileNewProp Object
FileSaveProp Object
FileProp Object
FontItem Object
FontList Collection
FontProp Object
GeneralProp Object
HighlightItem Object
HighlightList Collection
HighlightProp Object
IndentProp Object
Interface Object
KeyboardItem Object
KeyboardList Collection
KeyboardProp Object
LinkProp Object
MarkProp Object
Match Object
Matches Collection
NoWrapItem Object
NoWrapList Collection
NoWrapProp Object
OutputBar Object
PopupMenu Object
PrintProp Object
Regex Object
ScrollProp Object
Shell Object
SpellProp Object
WrapProp Object
Window Object
Windows Collection

Constants and Directives

Script Directives


Scripting macros to save into files are supported on EmEditor Professional Version 4.00 or later.

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