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ChangeWidth Method

Changes the width of the selected text.


document.selection.ChangeWidth( nFlags );


document.selection.ChangeWidth nFlags



Specifies a combination of the following values: Cannot combine eeWidthFullWidth and eeWidthHalfWidth together.

eeWidthFullWidth Converts half-width characters to full-width characters.
eeWidthHalfWidth Converts full-width characters to half-width characters.
eeWidthKatakana Applies conversion to Katakana.
eeWidthAlphanumeric Applies conversion to alphabets and numbers.
eeWidthMarks Applies conversion to marks.
eeWidthSpaces Applies conversion to spaces.
eeWidthKanaMarks Applies conversion to Kana marks.
eeWidthAllTypes Applies conversion to all applicable characters.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 4.00 or later.

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