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Replace Method

Replaces a string in the document.


nFound = document.selection.Replace( strFind, strReplace,nFlags[,nExFlags] );


nFound = document.selection.Replace( strFind, strReplace,nFlags[,nExFlags] )



Specifies a string to search for.


Specifies a string to replace with.


Specifies a combination of the following values:

eeFindMatchDotNL The regular expression "." can match new lines characters.
eeFindReplaceCase Matches cases.
eeFindReplaceEmbeddedNL Matches embedded newlines in CSV documents and does not match other newlines.
eeFindReplaceEscSeq Uses escape sequences. Cannot be combined with eeFindReplaceRegExp.
eeFindReplaceOnlyWord Matches only whole words.
eeFindReplaceOpenDoc Searches all open documents in the same frame window.
eeFindReplaceQuiet Does not display a message on the status bar if no string is found.
eeFindReplaceRegExp Uses a regular expression for the searched string. Cannot be combined with eeFindReplaceEscSeq.
eeFindReplaceSelOnly Replaces only in the selection.
eeFindSaveHistory Saves the searched string for repeated search.
eeReplaceAll Replaces all at once.
eeReplaceSelOnly Replaces only in the selection. (same as eeFindReplaceSelOnly)


Specifies a combination of the following values. However, only one of eeExFindRegexBoost and eeExFindRegexOnigmo can be specified. If none of these two is specified, the default regular expression engine is used.

eeExFindRegexBoost Uses Boost.Regex as the regular expression engine.
eeExFindRegexOnigmo Uses Onigmo as the regular expression engine.
eeExFindSeparateCRLF Treats CR and LF separately.

Return Values

Returns the number of replaced strings if eeReplaceAll is specified. Otherwise, returns 1 if found, or 0 if not.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 4.00 or later.

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