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Display a Message Box

To display simple text in a message box, you can use alert Method or confirm Method. However, these methods can only display three buttons: YES, NO, and CANCEL. To display more complex text in a message box, use Popup Method of WshShell Object.

The following example code displays the text Continue? and then YES, NO, and CANCEL buttons. The variable n is assigned the value 6 if YES button is selected, 7 if NO button is selected, or 2 if CANCEL button is selected.


WshShell = new ActiveXObject( "WScript.Shell" );
n = WshShell.Popup( "Continue?", 0, "EmEditor", 3 );


Set WshShell = CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )
n = WshShell.Popup( "Continue?", 0, "EmEditor", 3 )


Microsoft MSDN Library: Popup Method

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