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Obtains the type of selection status. You can use this inline function or explicitly send the EE_GET_SEL_TYPE message.

Editor_GetSelType( HWND hwnd );



Specifies the window handle of the view or frame of EmEditor.

Return Values

Returns a combination of the following values. SEL_TYPE_NONE, SEL_TYPE_CHAR, SEL_TYPE_LINE, and SEL_TYPE_BOX cannot be combined. Only SEL_TYPE_KEYBOARD can be combined with other values.

Value Meaning
SEL_TYPE_NONE None is selected.
SEL_TYPE_CHAR Characters are selected.
SEL_TYPE_LINE Lines are selected.
SEL_TYPE_BOX Boxes are selected.
SEL_TYPE_KEYBOARD Selected by the keyboard.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 3.00 or later.

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