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Specifies the cursor position. You can use this inline function or explicitly send the EE_SET_CARET_POS message.

Editor_SetCaretPos( HWND hwnd, int nLogical, POINT_PTR* pptPos );



Specifies the window handle of the view or frame of EmEditor.


Specifies one of the following values.

Value Meaning
POS_VIEW Display Coordinates
POS_LOGICAL_A Logical Coordinates (Count double-byte characters as two)
POS_LOGICAL_W Logical Coordinates (Count double-byte characters as one)
POS_SCROLL_ALWAYS When used with POS_SCROLL_CENTER or POS_SCROLL_TOP, the cursor position moves even if the current cursor position is already visible.
POS_SCROLL_CENTER The cursor position becomes near the center of the window.
POS_SCROLL_DONT_CARE The cursor position becomes where the scrolling becomes minimum.
POS_SCROLL_TOP The cursor position becomes the top of the window.


Pointer to a POINT_PTR structure that specified the cursor position.

Return Values

The return value is not used.


Supported on Version 4.03 or later. However, POS_SCROLL_DONT_CARE, POS_SCROLL_CENTER, and POS_SCROLL_TOP flags are supported on Version 6.00 or later. POS_SCROLL_ALWAYS is supported on Version 7.00.4 or later.

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