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Moves the cursor position and optionally extends the selection. You can use this inline function or explicitly send the EE_SET_CARET_POS message.

Editor_SetCaretPosEx( HWND hwnd, int nLogical, POINT_PTR* pptPos, BOOL bExtend );



Specifies the window handle of the view or frame of EmEditor.


Specifies one of the following values.

Value Meaning
POS_VIEW Display Coordinates
POS_LOGICAL_A Logical Coordinates (Count double-byte characters as two)
POS_LOGICAL_W Logical Coordinates (Count double-byte characters as one)
POS_SCROLL_ALWAYS When used with POS_SCROLL_CENTER or POS_SCROLL_TOP, the cursor position moves even if the current cursor position is already visible.
POS_SCROLL_CENTER The cursor position becomes near the center of the window.
POS_SCROLL_DONT_CARE The cursor position becomes where the scrolling becomes minimum.
POS_SCROLL_TOP The cursor position becomes the top of the window.


Pointer to a POINT_PTR structure that specified the cursor position.


Determines whether to extend the current selection. If bExtend is TRUE, then the active end of the selection moves to the location while the anchor end remains where it is. Otherwise, both ends are moved to the specified location.

Return Values

The return value is not used.


Supported on Version 4.03 or later. However, POS_SCROLL_DONT_CARE, POS_SCROLL_CENTER, and POS_SCROLL_TOP flags are supported on Version 6.00 or later. POS_SCROLL_ALWAYS is supported on Version 7.00.4 or later.

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