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Inserts an ANSI string into the current cursor position. You can send this message explicitly or use the Editor_InsertStringA macro, Editor_InsertA macro, or Editor_OverwriteA inline function.

    wParam = nInsertType;
    lParam = (LPARAM) (LPCSTR) szString;



Specifies a combination of the following values.

OVERWRITE_PER_PROP Inserts or Overwrites depending on the current Insert/Overwrite status.
OVERWRITE_INSERT Always inserts, and does not overwrite the existing string.
OVERWRITE_OVERWRITE Always overwrites the existing string.
KEEP_SOURCE_RETURN_TYPE Keep the return type (CR only, LF only or both CR and LF) specified in the szString parameter.
KEEP_DEST_RETURN_TYPE Keep the destination return type (CR only, LF only or both CR and LF).


Specifies the string to be inserted.

Return Values

The return value is not used.


KEEP_SOURCE_RETURN_TYPE and KEEP_DEST_RETURN_TYPE flags are supported on EmEditor Version 7.00 or later.

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