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Sets the type of selection status. You can send this message explicitly or use the Editor_SetSelType inline function or Editor_SetSelTypeEx inline function.

    wParam = (WPARAM) (BOOL) bNeedAlways;
    lParam = (LPARAM) nSelType;



If this parameter is TRUE, the type of selection status can be set even if none is selected. If this parameter is FALSE, SEL_TYPE_NONE will cancel the selection.


You can specify a combination of the following values. However, SEL_TYPE_NONE, SEL_TYPE_CHAR, SEL_TYPE_LINE, SEL_TYPE_BOX cannot be combined. Only SEL_TYPE_KEYBOARD can be combined with SEL_TYPE_NONE, SEL_TYPE_CHAR, SEL_TYPE_LINE, or SEL_TYPE_BOX.

SEL_TYPE_NONE Not selected.
SEL_TYPE_CHAR Stream selection mode.
SEL_TYPE_LINE Line selection mode.
SEL_TYPE_BOX Vertical selection mode.
SEL_TYPE_KEYBOARD Specifies the keyboard selection mode. This value can be combined with another value.

Return Values

Not used.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 3.00 or later. However, bNeedAlways is supported on Version 5.00 or later. On the previous versions, bNeedAlways is assumed to be FALSE.

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