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Retrieves bitmap resource IDs for various sizes and color depths for the plug-in displayed on a toolbar.

    hwnd = hwndParent;
    wParam = flags;
    lParam = 0;



The window handle of the EmEditor frame window.


Specifies the bitmap size and color depth for a bitmap to retrieve. It is a combination of the following flags.

Value Meaning
BITMAP_SMALL Small bitmap (16x16 pixels)
BITMAP_LARGE Large bitmap (24x24 pixels)
BITMAP_16_COLOR 16 color bitmap
BITMAP_24BIT_COLOR 24bit color (true color) bitmap
BITMAP_256_COLOR 256 color bitmap
BITMAP_DEFAULT Default state bitmap
BITMAP_DISABLED Disabled state bitmap
BITMAP_HOT Hot state bitmap

Return Values

You must return a bitmap resource ID for the requested size and color depth. If the return value is zero, EmEditor will use GetBitmapID export function to retrieve the small 16-color bitmap.

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