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Retrieves information about the plug-in.

    hwnd = hwndParent;
    wParam = flag;
    lParam = 0;



The window handle of the EmEditor frame window.


Specifies the type of information requested. It is one of the following values.

Value Meaning
EPGI_ALLOW_OPEN_SAME_GROUP Returns TRUE if the plug-in allows EmEditor to open a new file in the same group.
EPGI_ALLOW_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES Returns TRUE if the plug-in supports multiple instances. If the plug-in should be allowed to run in more than one frame simultaneously, this message should return TRUE. Note that global variables will be shared when multiple instances are running.
EPGI_MAX_EE_VERSION Returns the newest version number of supported EmEditor * 1000.
EPGI_MIN_EE_VERSION Returns the oldest version number of supported EmEditor * 1000.
EPGI_SUPPORT_EE_PRO Returns TRUE if EmEditor Professional is supported.
EPGI_SUPPORT_EE_STD Returns TRUE if EmEditor Standard is supported.

Return Values

The return value depends on the flag parameter.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 5.00 or later.

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