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Messages to Plug-ins

EP_DISABLE_AUTO_COMPLETE Queries whether the auto complete for brackets/quotation marks feature should be disabled.
EP_GET_BITMAP Retrieves bitmap resource IDs for various sizes and color depths for the plug-in displayed on a toolbar.
EP_GET_INFO Retrieves information about the plug-in.
EP_GET_MASK Retrieves mask color for the plug-in button on a toolbar.
EP_GET_NAME Retrieves the plug-in name.
EP_GET_VERSION Retrieves the plug-in version.
EP_QUERY_PROPERTIES Queries whether the property is enabled.
EP_QUERY_UNINSTALL Queries whether the plug-in can be uninstalled.
EP_SET_PROPERTIES Requests the plug-in to display the properties.
EP_SET_UNINSTALL Uninstalls the plug-in.
EP_PRE_TRANSLATE_MSG Called before each Windows message is translated.
EP_USE_DROPPED_FILES Queries whether the plug-in wants to use dropped files.
EP_USER_MSG Sends the plug-in user-defined messages.

These messages are used by Functions to Export PlugInProc.

These constants are defined at the header file (plugin.h).

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