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EmEditor v14.5.4 released!

In response to the hacking incident on the other day, we decided to disable the update checker until we can confirm the safety of our server and the Update Checker. We strongly recommend this update to all EmEditor users.

For safety of customers, we removed update configuration files in our server. Therefore the Update Checker on older versions of EmEditor will not be available anymore. If you try to check updates from older versions, you will see the prompt message: “Invalid or missing updates configuration file. …”. This is not a bug. Please download and update to the newest version of EmEditor by clicking here.

Updates from v14.5.3 include:

Features Removed

  • The Update Checker features were disabled. The Check for Updates and Customize Update Checker commands were removed or disabled.


Bug Fixes

Please see EmEditor v14 New Features.

Download EmEditor v14 Now.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

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