EmEditor v15.1.0 beta 3 released

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v15.1.0 beta 3.

Updates from v15.1.0 beta 2 include:

New General Features

  • Allows you to perform a per-user install. A per-user install will not display User Account Control (UAC) prompts on Windows 7 or later. The per-user install is possible by selecting the “Only for me” radio button on the “Installation Type” dialog during the install. If a quiet install is made inside the Command Prompt, add the “MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1” option. The Installation Type cannot be changed during updates.
  • The “Display a tray icon when EmEditor launches” check box was added to the Shortcut tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • The “Show Ignored Files in Results” check box was added to the Find in Files – Advanced dialog box.
  • .eeWorkspace files are now associated with EmEditor. Double-clicking .eeWorkspace files can now restore the workspace with EmEditor.

We would like to find as many bugs as possible before we release the new version. Please try it out now and let us know if you find any bugs.

To download or see changes, please go to the beta forum – EmEditor Professional v15.1.0 beta 3 released!.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

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