DelEE (Run before uninstall if EmEditor v9.04-9.16 uninstaller stops working)

If you have EmEditor Professional (Trial or Full-version) Version 9.04-9.16 installed on your system, and if the uninstaller stops working when you try to uninstall from Control Panel, please run this program (DelEE.exe). After running this program, you should be able to complete uninstalling EmEditor Professional. To uninstall EmEditor Professional, please go to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program, and then select EmEditor Professional to uninstall.

Detail Information

This program (DelEE.exe) removes the path to EmEditor from the PATH environment variable. The Uninstaller program for EmEditor Professional (v9.04-9.16) contains a bug that the uninstaller might stop working while trying to modify the PATH environment variable, depending on programs running concurrently. The uninstaller skips this modification if it can't find the EmEditor path in the PATH environment. We apologize for any inconveniences that this bug might have caused.

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DateJune 2, 2010