Whitespace Plug-in (32-bit)

This plug-in offers a more complete alternative to the "ShowReturns" and "Trim
Right" plug-ins. When its icon is selected from the plug-in toolbar, a pop-up
menu is displayed offering to:

- Directly enable / disable the display of whitespace characters:

* Line-Ends
* End of File
* Tabs
* Spaces

- Ensure final Line-End on Save (only for EmEditor 8.00 and above)

- Convert leading Spaces to Tabs (Tabify)

- Convert Tabs to Spaces (Untabify)

- Trim Trailing Whitespaces

All the conversion commands work on the current selection, or the whole document
if there is no selection. In this they differ from the built-in commands
available from the "Edit" main menu.

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File Size15 KB
DateOctober 13, 2008
AuthorSebastian Schuberth
EmEditor Version Tested up to17.0