English resource file (Version 11)

This archive includes all of the English resource files necessary to translate EmEditor Professional into a different language (except the Help, which does not need to be translated).

Emurasoft is looking for translators to translate EmEditor Professional into different languages.

If your first language is one of these languages, and you are a good translator, please contact us at tech@emurasoft.com. If we do not already have a translator for the language you are interested in, we will request that you send us a translated copy of the following files in another email. If we choose to use your translation, you will receive a free license of EmEditor Professional and your name will be credited in the new installer of your language.

Notes: The diff file is available as a separate download. The diff file contains only the difference from the previous version (v10).

The archive also contains a few web pages for translation.

Version 11: August 22, 2011

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DateAugust 22, 2011