Macro – Format HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML for EmEditor

1> copy to your Emeditor Macros directory.
2> Macros -> Customize -> New -> FHTML.js
3> Enjoy the format fun!

1> Format HTML, Javascript, CSS ,XML
2> Format HTML with inline CSS, Javascript

1> Javascript is the only script tag which supported
2> If you want format with perfect result, make sure your source HTMl code is XHTML protocal compatible.
3> The Originally Javascript format code from Author: Einars "elfz" Lielmanis, And Vital,

Define the shortcut for keybord:
Properties for All Configurations -> Keybord -> Catagory -> My Macros ->FHTML.js -> Press new ShortcutKey -> Ctrl + Shift + F -> Assign

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DateSeptember 1, 2008