Yutaka Emura

Hello LifeTimer,

Some people might need to do something between one filter and another filter.

For example,

// first filter
document.Filter( ... );
..  // some operations
// after this another filter
document.Filter( ... );
..  // some operations

Therefore, we have to filter each time a macro find the Filter method. (refresh and actual filter are actually different). A filter operation consumes much time, while refresh is very fast. Nevertheless, I could implement the “eeKeepPreviousFilterLevels” flag instead and make EmEditor macros smart enough to wait actual filtering until the macro see necessary if there is enough reason to do this. I just dont’ want to make the code too complicated.

I didn’t quite understand your sentence:

“because otherwise the “incremental filtering” that I need won’t be possible to implement at all with macros, which would be a real shame, and something that probably many other people than me would miss too in the long run.”

Can you please describe why you need the “eeKeepPreviousFilterLevels” flag instead of the eeFindContinue flag?