Hi netsking,
no, I can’t imagine what happens here.
I am not an expert, but I would close EmEditor and rename the Registry key of EmEditor
for example to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\EmSoft-problem\EmEditor v3\
to disable it for the moment, launch EmEditor again to see if there was any culprit in your settings.
If that brings you nowhere, delete the new created key and rename the old key back by removing that ‘-problem‘ string again.

netsking wrote:

Before if I select “word wrap”, the new file will be opened
as wrap characters/wrap window each time.
… but now, it opens as no wrap. don’t know the reason.

Worked fine on: EE ver14 64-bit version / Installed version
Got Problem since: ver 15.2, 64-bit / Installed version (noticed it, maybe even earlier)
Operation system: Win7 64-bit Pro

Tools > Properties All Configuration > [General] > “Wrap by” shows nothing.
After chosen “wrap by special characters”, open a new file, EE will dispay as what I selected.
However, the chosen property won’t be saved because closed and re-opened EE, the display became no wrap again.
If I chang other selections, all of them can be saved when closed and re-opened.


HTH?           ( Best try with the brand new 15.5.0 release, see the Blog )