On the same lines as this. I have a 22MB XML file. There are about 94K instances of “<row>…</row>”. I am trying to split them onto individual lines.

Using EmEditor 64bit 17.0.2 in portable mode. I backed up my EmEditor folder and then “Reset All Settings” as in your post. Using the replace window (CTRL-H) with “</row>” in the find box, “</row>\n” in the replace box and “Use Escape Sequence” checked, it has been running over 7 minutes and is only up to “6300 Found, Searching line 1 / 2” in the status dialog box.

Using Cygwin64’s sed command takes less than 1 second.

10:14:33 $ time sed -e "s_</row>_</row>\n_g" sheet1.xml > out.xml

real    0m0.476s
user    0m0.327s
sys     0m0.077s

I can email you the file for testing; it compresses to a 2.3MB ZIP file.