> Issue 1-2:
When a (snippet/ActiveString) tooltip seizes the focus, and I happen to press Alt+F4, the tooltip will be closed and will never show again in the current window.

When a snippet tooltip seizes the focus, it can not be closed with Esc key.

Suggestion 1:
Is it possible to add a way (e.g. a shortcut key) to go back to EmEditorView when a (snippet/ActiveString) tooltip seizes the focus?

Suggestion 2:
Is it possible to make EmEditor obey the system setting “Hide pointer while typing” (in Mouse Properties)?

Suggestion 3:
I notice that a few of the list items are truncated by default (see below), which will show a tooltip. Such a tooltip does not seize the focus. Is it possible to make the snippet/ActiveString tooltip that way?

	Edit: 1 item.
	CSV: 1 item.
	Active String: 3 items.
Configuration properties:
	Scroll: Options: 4 items.