I was not mistaken after all: Something is NOT right with the bookmarks!

In file “C:\totalcmd\Tests\TC-Forum_quote=’Stefan’_Bookmarks.txt” 4 bookmarks were created NEW.
Then the file “Bookmarks.txt” was created and bookmarks were created there.
Opened and closed various files.
Closed EmEditor (installed) and restarted.

The bookmarks in file “C:\totalcmd\Tests\TC-Forum_quote=’Stefan’_Bookmarks.txt” were deleted.
The bookmarks in file “D:\Daten\Bookmarks.txt” are still present.

Name/Ext                Size      Date/Time          Note
FileAttr_Kopie.bin      108 824   03.10.2022 16:54   Backup copy
FileAttr.bin            109 075   03.10.2022 16:58   Change after exiting of EmEditor

Something is no longer right here – but the error is difficult for me to locate.
Maybe someone else will have more luck.