Yutaka Emura

I am sorry for my late reply. Here are my responses:

* First of all I was shocked to find it uninstalls my working version of EmEditor when I install the beta. My plan was to have both version running side by side for a while before migrating my customizations. Now I am forced to use the new version. I don’t know if this is how it supposes to work. However I do hit a few wrong buttons during installation when some window popup unexpectly and I have to run the setup 3 times before it finish successfully.

You cannot run both old version and new version side by side at the same time. You don’t have to uninstall the older version before installing new version, but you need to go back to the older version, you will need to uninstall the new version before installing the older version.

* Secondly it is not clear to me what settings from previous version are preserved and what gets upgraded. I’m seeing examples of both cases. I have made a lot of customerization in the past and some may not be that useful. I was planning to start from clean slate and migrating my customization bit by bit. Right now I’m at some weird state where the settings are neither old or new.

Most of settings are compatible between older and newer versions. All settings are preserved when you go to newer version. In addition to that, in most cases, you can safely go back to older versions if you need to. One of settings that is not compatible is external tools. All external tool settings will be upgraded to newer versions, but once they are saved in the new version, they will not be used in the older version.

* Under the Configuration Properties | Auto Save Tab, if I have a directory (from older config) that does not exist, I was prompted if I want to create it. I clicked No. However I can’t just go to a different tab because the same prompt will popup again and block me from going elsewhere.

When this happens, you will have to either enter correct path, or uncheck “Save to Auto Save Folder”.

* Here is my little peeve. It used to be lightning fast for me to open a file. Now I see a delay of nearly a second. I hope this is not because EmEditor has become bloated. I know my expectation is unreasonably high. But for me this is what distinguish an amazing editor from just a good editor.

I believe I improved this issue in the recent beta version. If you still see delay, please let me know.

– This seems to be more than a minor annoyance. It seems to affect “Find In Files” also. Other program can look through 100 files in a breeze. With EmEditor taking 0.5 second to open every file, “Find In Files” becomes really slow.

Is Find in Files still slow? There have been a lot of optimizations worked between beta 12 and 29. I will try to optimize further more in future beta releases.