Yutaka Emura

emuser1 wrote:
I extract 8.00 And 8.01 version On Same pendriver{Corsair GT},
I Try To Run On Vista SP1, The 8.01 Open And Close Program Times
Very Slowly.
Version 8.00 Open Time: 5 Sec
Version 8.01 Open Time: 15 Sec
Version 8.00 Close Time: 2 Sec
Version 8.01 Close Time: 8 Sec

*All Setting Is Same.
*Version 7.02 Also Normal.
*I Restart/Reboot And Test Many Time, Got Same Result.
*I See When Open And Close 8.01 Emeditor, Pendriver Light Blinking Many, May Emedtor Do More ‘Actions’.Other version is Normal.
*I used Other Pendriver Test, Also Same.

Please Test And Fix. As Soon As…


I tested both v8.00 and v8.01 in portable device (USB memory, but not Corsair GT). Their opening times are almost the same.

The initial start is always longer than the second time because it needs to save the initial settings to INI files.
Here are my test results:

First start: 36.7 seconds.
Second start: 3.8 seconds

First start: 37.3 seconds.
Second start: 3.8 seconds

Did you try the default settings (meaning just copy from the Zip files, and then measure the second launch time)?