Wow, that’s quite a list! :-)

Well, I’d like to add some more:
1. Possibility to show vertical line at specific position to indicate specific column.
Originally posted on the old forum, but unfortunately still not implemented. I miss it very much when I format my ReadMe’s by 80-chars width…

2. Improved auto-indent
Also an old request.

3. More intuitive work with Macro files
Currently when I want to create a macro and assign a hotkey for it, I need to do the following:
a) create and write the new JSEE file;
b) save it (manually selecting the deep My Macros folder);
c) call the Select This command;
d) assign a hotkey.
It is not easy for new users to know about all these steps, it took me quite long time to understand what to do. So, I suggest to simplify this process by:
a) automatically opening the My Macros folder when one saves a file of JSEE/VBSEE type (so that it did not affect the current folder for other files; so that I did not need to get out of My Macros when I want to save another non-macro file);
b) removing the necessity of “registering” a macro inside EE, so that EE always listed all the macro files in My Macros folder (this will also simplify moving the EE’s configuration onto another computer: users will not have to re-register all the macros, EE will take them by their names).

4. Improve file changes detection.
Requested here. To summarize it:
a) add an option to check file for changes immediately after switching to the EE window or to a specific file inside the EE window (even 1 second is too long in some cases);
b) add possibility to turn “auto-check by timer” off.

5. Possibility to mix fonts for drawing characters missing in the current font.
Again, an old request.

And a small problem that needs fixing (I’m not sure if it should be posted in the “feature wishlist” topic, but just to remind):
6. Esc set to Close -> impossible to get out of menu by Esc
Reported here.