Yutaka wrote:

I would also like to hear from other users about this topic.


I hope I get was were suggested here correctly.

I myself use EmEditor also often to search, manipulate
and extract parts of many kinds of log files.

SO this are my opinions:


As you know I like “[ ] Use Output Bar” to get a list
of clickable LINES with matches for the find dialog too.
(I was not able to utilize “Find In Files” for that,
and it make more sense to have that in the ‘normal’ find dialog too anyway)


An kind of “live preview” in the output bar of what the search expression would match would be nifty.
But there are other ways also already. Not as nifty, but…. ok.

An option “extract matches to output bar” would be handy and welcome.

The output bar should have an context menu option “copy selected to new document”
(Instaed of the “Extract All” button)
In the new document we can further work on extracted items.


The find dialog could well need options to decide what to extract:
– whole lines with found matches
– the matches itself only

That can be achieved also by utilizing regular expressions.
That is why I had suggested to add an favorite menu
to the Find/Replace dialog to store nifty regexs’

– the respective negation of the above (extract everything not matched)

That can be achieved also by utilizing scripts.
But that is an often needed features so I would suggest
to add a checkbox “[ ] Find opposite”


To add this all to the find dialog I would suggest
to put some of that options to the [Customize] settings

as that are mostly set-and-forget options, e.g.:

[ ] Move to Start/End of Document
[ ] Close when Finished

or to rarely used options
[ ] Search All Open Documents
[ ] Use Output Bar

– – –

Note: ‘utilizing bookmarks’ is a nice and nifty feature,
but if you had used boomarks already in the document
I don’t want to add more bookmarks from searching.

I want to add that a few of my wishes to add some additional macro commands
are meant to provide an macro to cover some, if not all of this above issues ;-)