Yutaka wrote:

Stefan wrote:

Yutaka wrote:
Updates from beta 4 include:
– The Quick Launch window now includes options
and allows you to access a searched dialog box.

What does this means?
Where can I see this ‘options’?
How am I able to ‘access a searched dialog box’?

All of these items in this screenshot are either Configuration Properties or Customize. By double-clicking one of these items will take you directly to the corresponding dialog box.

My assuming is that you want to say:

Before beta 5 you were able to search
for the whole Property dialog as such only.
E.g. ‘Tools > Marks Properties’

Now you can even search down to the the single options,
like ‘Show Spaces’ to find
‘Properties for Current Configuration > Marks > Show Spaces’

That’s Fine!
Do I assume that right here?

But that seems not work reliable enough?

I can find my example above
— by typing ‘show ‘
— and also by ‘show s’
— but not by using ‘show spaces’ or even ‘show sp’
— and not by ‘spaces’ alone
which will find only ‘Show White Spaces’ among others.
Close enough, but…

– – –

And what means now ‘access a searched dialog box’?

Do you refer here to the displayed list
in the ‘Quick Launch window’ after typing an expression?

– – –

Improvement wish:
please would you enable the history for the search drop-down edit? (the search field)
Because I have no history there (working portable)

Thank you.