I don’t know what kind of option you have when using prevx since i don’t use it myself, but most likely you have the option to exclude some files and then you can exclude the emeditor files that is detected as a trojan. It is also a good idea to contact prevx and report the false positive (assuming the files is not infected which is most likey the case). When prevx fixed the problem you could remove the exclusion again. If the file(s) is actually infected you should scan your computer to make sure other files is not infected as well and could be a good idea to use more then one scanner. Then you could download a fresh copy of emeditor and reinstall when you are sure the threat is removed.

There is nothing much the developer of emeditor can do about this if it’s a false positive or if it’s actually infected. If it’s a false positive the developers of prevx have to fix this problem and if the computer is infected you have to use some software to remove the infection.