I’m a textpad and emeditor user as well so i found this a bit interesting and did some testing on my computer as well which is a laptop with 2.4GHz Core Duo (T7700) with 2gb RAM running English Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit). Regional settings and keyboard is set to Norwegian.

Info about the file:
Filesize: 113mb
Lines: 2183617
10608 entries to replace

Emeditor 7.00.5:
Open file: 4.9 sec
No case match: 20 sec
Case match: 3.5 sec
(Everything else unchecked)

Textpad 5.2:
Open file: 1.1 sec
No case match: 1.5 sec
Case match: 1.1 sec
(Text and Active documents selected and everything else unchecked.)

So my results is the same as thylocene where textpad is much faster for this operation. Maybe the dialogbox that show the progress using emeditor is the reason why textpad is so much faster since textpad does not show the progress like that?

I’m aware of lack of unicode support using textpad and while emeditor is able to open files with unlimited size textpad is very limited…..that is a couple of the reasons why i need two text editors.