Asked for a feature and got it ready a few days later?I doubt that even microsoft has a customer support that good!

Can’t thank you enough for adding the restore workspace mate!

However,it doesn’t really work out for me.I have both “save workspace automatically” and “restore workspace automatically” options enabled with “EmEditor Quick Start” option disabled. If i close emeditor with a X number of tabs open and try to open it again (from the application exe) it will restore only one tab from the previous session.

As it comes to my understanding if i opened it like that it should restore the previous workspace.

I will try to completely reinstall emeditor along with every setting/registry value left and try to see if it works now.

I think that adding an option (along with restore and save workspace options) whereas if i open a new file whilst having a previous workspace saved it will open it alongside with the old tabs and one which opens a new session for the new file would be more than great!

Many thanks for your effort Yutaka and everyone who worked hard for this!