You can sort by column in EmEditor
while you are in “Separated Values” mode.

Therefor you have to delimiter your columns first by either
* one tab (t) => TSV mode
* one coma (,) => CSV mode
* one own delimiter => DSV mode ( e.g. one “:” or “|” or “;” or one space ” ” or…)

Hint: For your examples
RegEx Search for three-or-more spaces
and replace by an coma:
Find: s{3,}
Replace: ,
[X] Use Regular Expressions
Now you have CSV.

Next switch to delimiter mode via
menu “Edit > Separated Values/Sort > selecting-your-mode”

For your case use CSV if you have followed the s&r tip.

Hint: you must seen some thin vertical lines.

Then click into an column and use an Sort mode.

CSV means “Coma Separate Value” and you
must have an coma between your columns.
There must be NO coma inside the column itself!

TSV means “Tabulator Separated Value”
and the same is valid as said for CSV.

DSV means “Defined(by user) Separated Value”
and you have to set the delimiter yourself
e.g to ‘;’ or ‘|’ or something like that.
To setup the DSV delimiter go to menu
“Tools > Properties for X”
and at the [File] tab
set the “Delimiter [; ]”

Since spaces can sophisticate the sorting
be sure to have no, or at least the same
amount of spaces around your delimiter.
(Your example lines have uneven amount
of spaces between the columns)

Please note that you can also right click
the ruler to get the “Separated Value” menu.


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