Not sure if it is bad form or not, just bumping a few of my old requests since v11 beta is now out.

The command help/keyboard map shows a list of EmEditor functions and assigned keyboard shortcuts.

It would be helpful if we could sort that list by the non-modifier keys that make up that shortcut.

E.G. instead of:
[Category]___[Command]___[Current Keys]___[Description]

File Open Ctrl+O O Opens an existing file.

The only change that would be required beyond the additional “Key” Tabstop, would be any commands that are assigned multiple shortcuts should likely appear multiple times in the list.

File Close Ctrl+F4 F4 Closes the current file.
File Close Ctrl+W W Closes the current file.

Since from the Keyboard map we can double-click on an entry and go right to the change-shortcut option for that command.