Falcon syntax file

Falcon syntax file by Arthur Zubarev, falcon.esy (2 KB) - Falcon syntax file

ActionScript3.0 syntax file

ActionScript3.0 syntax file by AS3S.ORG, actionscript3.0.esy (0.2 MB) - ActionScript3.0 related site (Japanese) AS3S.ORG http://as3s.org/

12/1/2008 Supports Flash CS4

PROCESSING syntax file

PROCESSING syntax file by Aye Wong, PROCESSING.ESY (11 KB) - PROCESSING syntax file.

GLSL syntax file

GLSL syntax file by roku, GLSL.ESY (3 KB) - GLSL syntax file.

Sleep 2.1 Syntax file

Sleep 2.1 Syntax file , sleep21.esy (6 KB) - EmEditor Syntax file for Sleep 2.1 with operators, functions, predicates and keywords.

Markdown syntax file

Markdown syntax file , markdown.esy (3 KB) - Markdown syntax file.

YAML syntax file

YAML syntax file , yaml.esy (3 KB) - YAML syntax file.

Lingo (Macromedia/Adobe Director MX 2004) syntax file

Lingo (Macromedia/Adobe Director MX 2004) syntax file by Peter Miller, Version 1.0, LingoDirectorMX2004.esy (29 KB) - Contains six highlight categories;
1) General symbols highlight using a RegEx
2) Keywords and Control flow
3) Properties and Methods
4) Constants
5) Operators and Delimiters
6) Top level objects

Diff/Patch syntax file

Diff/Patch syntax file , smk-diff.esy (2 KB) - Highlighting for diff/patch files.

* Added lines
* Removed lines
* Meta data

HINT: To ease navigation within patch files configure OutlineText as following:
* Type: Custom
* Max Level: 1
* Level 1: "@@ " (without the quotes, that's AT-AT-SPACE)

PHP5 Syntax File

PHP5 Syntax File , Version 1.0, php5.esy (0.2 MB) - Syntax file for PHP5, which features nearly every PHP-extension and a list of deprecated keywords that shouldn't be used in future development.