KsGrid 項目計算式 構文ファイル

KsGrid 項目計算式 構文ファイル by 加茂屋株式会社, Version 1, ksgridesy.zip (3 KB) - EmEditor テキストエディタ で、KsGridコントロールのValues.Expression

MATLAB and MATLAB Toolbox syntax file

MATLAB and MATLAB Toolbox syntax file by Hiroshi Ban, matlab_with_toolboxes.esy (0.1 MB) - MATLAB and MATLAB Toolbox syntax file.

1C Syntax syntax file

1C Syntax syntax file , Version 1.0, 1C.esy (7 KB) - The Syntax highlight file for 1C:Enterprise 8.1/8.0/7.7 (Russian DBMS)

PowerShell Syntax File

PowerShell Syntax File , PowerShell.esy (12 KB) - PowerShell Syntax file for EmEditor Professional/Standard

FORTRAN77 syntax file

FORTRAN77 syntax file by Emurasoft, fortran77.esy (5 KB) - FORTRAN77 syntax file.

D 構文ファイル

D 構文ファイル by MALU, Version 1.00, D.esy (5 KB) - D 構文ファイルです。

Groovy syntax file

Groovy syntax file by t800t8, groovy.esy (33 KB) - Groovy syntax file.

SAS syntax file

SAS syntax file by Matthew Cioffi, sas.esy (18 KB) - SAS syntax file.

Clarion syntax file

Clarion syntax file , Clarion.esy (10 KB) - Clarion syntax file.

CFML syntax file

CFML syntax file by daset, cfml.esy (13 KB) - The author recommends using the following color settings.

Highlight(1) font: Maroon, bg: Default
Highlight(2) font: Navy, bg: Default
Highlight(3) font: DarkGreen, bg: Default
Highlight(4) font: DarkSlateGray, bg: Default
Highlight(5) font: Olive, bg: Default
Highlight(6) font: DarkOrange, bg: Default
Highlight(7) font: DeepPink, bg: Default
Highlight(8) font: Default, bg: Gold
Highlight(9) font: Fuchsia, bg: Default
Highlight(10) font: Deafult, bg: LawnGreen