myDark Color Scheme

myDark Color Scheme , Version 1.0, mydarkcolor.eetheme (2 KB) - My Dark color scheme.


MinimalZen (bug fixed)

MinimalZen (bug fixed) , Version 1.01, minimalzen_v101.eetheme (2 KB) - Updated version, fixed bug of showing white background after the last line of text, in EmEditor version 9.

Theme SunnyDays

Theme SunnyDays , SunnyDays.eetheme (2 KB) - The background is white. Totally colored pale.

Theme Shirahama

Theme Shirahama , Shirahama.eetheme (2 KB) - Based on navy blue, colored vivd, and reminding Shirahama, a Japanese beautiful beach.

Dark theme look like style Oblivion Gedit

Dark theme look like style Oblivion Gedit , Version 1.0, Dark.eetheme (2 KB) - You can download Bitstream Vera Fonts for Windows here:

MinimalZen theme

MinimalZen theme , MinimalZen.eetheme (2 KB) - A low-contrast and dark background color theme which puts the Minimal theme in textmate and the Zenburn theme in vim together.

Notes: Minimalzen theme is included on the EmEditor V13, June 2013.

テーマ Midnight Cream

テーマ Midnight Cream , MidnightCream.eetheme (2 KB) - 青みがかった濃いグレーを背景色に、全般的に淡めに仕上げました。