EmEditor v21.6.1 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v21.6.1.

Updates from v21.6.0 include:

  • Fixed a bug related to Script/General Category selections in the Character Check page of Configuration Properties.
  • Fixed a bug related to status bar messages.
  • The new version will not make the Filter box of the Filter toolbar read-only even when the Advanced Filter is active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Underline Color was not saved to a theme in the Display page of Configuration properties.
  • Reduced the program size by optimizing the code.
  • Fixed a certain Search Colors issue on v21.6.
  • Fixed a potential incorrect behavior on the Transpose command with a large file.
  • Fixed an issue where “A critical Error occurred while operating a file” message could appear immediately after saving a very large file.
  • Fixed a potential crash on saving a non-Unicode file on a machine where the number of logical processors is 1.
  • The new version allows you to use the eeExFindLinkFile flag to the Add, AddFind, and AddReplace methods of the Filters Collection.

Please see EmEditor v21.6 New Features for details and screenshots.

If you use the Desktop Installer version, you can select Check for Updates on the Help to download the newest version. If this method fails, please download the newest version, and run the downloaded installer. If you use the Desktop portable version, you can go to the Download page to download the newest version. The Store App versions can be updated through Microsoft Store (64-bit or 32-bit) after a few days. If you use winget, you can type “winget install emeditor” to install the latest version of EmEditor (64-bit or 32-bit detected automatically).