EmEditor v22.0.1 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v22.0.1.

v22.0.1 includes following updates:

  • Worked around an issue where you couldn’t print only one specified page on Windows 11 Update (Version 22H2). For instance, printing while specifying page 3 in the Print dialog box actually printed page 1.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fuzzy Matching Options menu item existed in the menu displayed when you clicked on the > button in the Find/Replace dialog box in EmEditor Free. The Fuzzy Matching Options is available only on EmEditor Professional.
  • v22.0.0 always displays file extensions even if the Hide extensions for known file types option was turned on in File Explorer. This was reverted on v22.0.1.
  • Supported Emoji sequences including the variation selector (VS15) for text style (U+FE0E).
  • Fixed a pre-v22.0 issue where the Bulk Replace in CSV mode or multiple-selecitons might not have worked correctly.
  • Fixed a pre-v22.0 issue where the last newline might not have been copied if the last line is empty in the CSV cell selection mode.
  • Fixed a pre-v22.0 issue related to the Add Next Next Occurrence command while loading a very large file.
  • The new version will not display the EmEditor Launch time when the EmEditor Quick Start option is turned on.

Please see EmEditor v22.0 New Features for details and screenshots.

If you use the Desktop Installer version, you can select Check for Updates on the Help to download the newest version. If this method fails, please download the newest version, and run the downloaded installer. If you use the Desktop portable version, you can go to the Download page to download the newest version. The Store App versions can be updated through Microsoft Store (64-bit or 32-bit) after a few days. If you use winget, you can type “winget install emeditor” to install the latest version of EmEditor (64-bit or 32-bit detected automatically).