EmEditor v24.1.1 released

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v24.1.1.

v24.1.1 includes the following bug fixes.

  • Adjusted the AI assisted writing feature to prevent suggestions after a period or newline.
  • Adjusted the AI assisted writing feature to allow Ctrl+Space to show a suggestion before the end of line.
  • Adjusted the Explorer context menu feature to allow toggling of both the modern and classic context menus separately.
  • The new version allows the Cut command to delete lines if multiple selections are all empty.
  • Fixed a potential freeze while saving a very large file.
  • Fixed a potential crash while filtering a number range.
  • Fixed an issue where Replace in Files without the Keep Modified Files Open option might fail with the “Exceeded the maximum size of 2 GB allowed for Replace in Files” error message.
  • Fixed an issue where sort commands may not work correctly on a CSV file with invalid syntax.
  • Fixed customer-reported issues (1).

If you use the Desktop Installer version, you can select Check for Updates on the Help to download the newest version. If this method fails, please download the newest version, and run the downloaded installer. If you use the Desktop portable version, you can go to the Download page to download the newest version. The Store App versions can be updated through Microsoft Store (64-bit or 32-bit) after a few days.