EmEditor v24.2.0 Released – gpt-4o as default model, Disable AI completely for admin, Favorites features

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v24.2.0.

In the previous version (v24.1), we introduced the AI assisted writing feature using the OpenAI API. In this version, we have made further adjustments. The newly announced gpt-4o model from OpenAI has become the default preferred model, offering improved quality and speed for the writing assistance feature compared to the previous default gpt-4-turbo-preview model, while halving the usage fees incurred from OpenAI. The currently selected preferred model can be checked on the AI page of the Customize dialog. Additionally, we have adjusted to ensure unnecessary spaces do not appear in the suggested text for Japanese writing. Furthermore, the AI macro now acquires the OpenAI key and the preferred model set in the EmEditor core settings for ease of use, with slight adjustments made in prompt creation.

Responding to requests from corporate customers who have concerns about security, we introduced the ability to completely disable AI features. It’s worth noting that even if the AI feature is disabled in EmEditor, it’s impossible to completely prevent access to AI from web browsers or other tools if the computer is connected to the internet. However, it’s a legitimate administrator’s concern to prevent potential leaks of content opened in the text editor. Therefore, in the new version (v24.2), we’ve added a function to entirely disable AI with administrative privileges. By clicking the Disable AI (per computer) button on the AI page of the Customize dialog, it sets DisableAIAdmin = 1 (REG_DWORD) in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Emurasoft/EmEditor v3/Common.

Added the “Disable AI (per computer)” button to the AI page of the Customize dialog box.

If this value exists, it prohibits not only the AI assisted writing feature but also any macros using the fetch function, including the AI macro. Since this value resides in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, it cannot be deleted without administrative privileges. For the Store App version, which has restricted write access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, you need to manually create this value using the Registry Editor.

We plan to further develop AI-related features in future versions, so please stay tuned.

This version (v24.2) also responds to additional customer requests.

1. Since the initial versions of EmEditor, many customers (1, 2, 3) have requested a feature similar to the “Favorites” in web browsers that allows easy access to frequently used files. Therefore, in this version, we have added a Favorites toolbar and related commands. To add the currently open file to the Favorites toolbar, you can select the Add to Favorites command from the Favorites submenu of the File menu by default. This command saves not only the current file name but also the current cursor position. You can also drag the document tab or file icon from Explorer and drop it onto the Favorites toolbar. However, in the case of drag and drop, the cursor position is not saved. You can rearrange the buttons by dragging and dropping the added buttons. To remove a button from the Favorites toolbar, right-click on the button and select Remove from This List from the menu displayed. This feature is supported in both EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free.

The new Favorites toolbar offers quick access to frequently opened files.

Furthermore, in EmEditor Professional, you can customize the appearance, icon presence, and display method of the Favorites toolbar on the Favorites page of the Customize dialog box. Additionally, you can display a list of files registered in favorites and edit the cursor position for each file.

Added the Favorites page to the Customize dialog box.

To elaborate on the drag-and-drop functionality of the toolbars: similar to the Favorites toolbar, it is now possible to rearrange the order of buttons on the Macros, Markers, and Tools toolbars through drag-and-drop.

2. In response to requests from some customers (1, 2), we have added the GetKeyState method to the Shell object, which retrieves in macros whether a certain key is pressed down.

Additionally, starting with this version, we have ended support for per-computer installations due to security concerns. This change removes the need for administrator privileges during installation and updates, increasing security. From this version, the installer supports only per-user installations, has a new design, and simplifies the installation process. Some settings previously available in the installer can be changed after installation via the Shortcuts page of the EmEditor Customize dialog.

EmEditor’s new installer interface

However, some organizations prohibit installing apps in user folders, and require installations in specific folders (for example, C:\Program Files\). If you need to change the installation folder, please see FAQ: How do I change the install folder?

Using the portable version can also help avoid problems. By default, the portable version creates INI files in the same folder as emeditor.exe to save settings. In the new version, settings can be saved to other folders by editing the eeUseIni.ini file located in the same folder as emeditor.exe. For example, if you change the eeUseIni.ini file as follows and save it in UTF-16LE (with BOM), the settings will be saved in the folder C:\Users\(username)\EmEditorSettings.


This method allows all users to share the app while having their own settings, similar to installing EmEditor as per computer.

As noted in a previous blog, unfortunately, some users have accidentally purchased or acquired invalid licenses. While those distributing or selling invalid licenses are most at fault, we also acknowledge that EmEditor’s specifications allow usage for a certain period even with invalid registration keys. Starting from this version, an immediate issue notification is displayed if an invalid license is entered. Additionally, entering the email address associated with the Emurasoft Customer Center will be mandatory when entering a registration key. If you purchased a license directly from our website, use the email address provided during purchase. If purchased elsewhere, register your product with the Emurasoft Customer Center and use the email address used during registration. If you forget your registered email address, please contact us.

I hope you like EmEditor, whether you use the Professional or Free version. Please contact us or write in forums if you have any questions, feature requests, or any ideas in the future.

Thank you for using EmEditor!
Yutaka Emura

Please see EmEditor v24.2 New Features for details and screenshots.

If you use the Desktop Installer version, you can select Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the newest version. If this method fails, please download the newest version, and run the downloaded installer. If you use the Desktop portable version, you can go to the Download page to download the newest version. The Store App versions can be updated through Microsoft Store (64-bit or 32-bit) after a few days.