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FAQ – Windows protected your PC – Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

As of this writing, when you download an EmEditor desktop installer or portable (v19.8.1 or later), and try to run the installer or EmEditor executable, you might see a dialog box showing “Windows protected your PC – Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

This is a false warning, and you may safely run the program. To unblock the SmartScreen, click the “More info” hyperlink, and then click the “Run anyway” button.

One of the criteria that Microsoft uses to pass the SmartScreen is the total number of worldwide installations of the programs with the same digital signature. Since the digital signature of EmEditor has been updated since v19.8.1 due to the expiration of the previous code signing certificate, the digital signature of the new versions has not established reputations in order to pass the SmartScreen yet. As more people download and install the newer versions of EmEditor, the newer versions of EmEditor will likely build reputations to pass the SmartScreen.

If you would like to verify the authenticity of a downloaded file, please verify the digital signature of the file (.msi, .exe, or .dll). To verify the digital signature, locate the file in Windows Explorer, right-click the file, select Properties, click the Digital Signature tab, click “Emurasoft, Inc.” in the Signature list, click the Details button, and you will see “This digital signature is OK.” if the file is truly published by Emurasoft and is safe to install. Zip files are not digitally signed.