Text Editor Speed Comparison for Large Files

We published a Text Editor Speed Comparison in April 2009. However, numerous text editors have undergone significant updates and improvements since then. As a result, we have decided to conduct speed tests once again.

For this round of testing, we selected seven text editors known for their ability to support very large files, including EmEditor. We assessed these editors in various categories: Opening files, Searching, Replacing, Sorting, Saving, and Searching within Files. The test outcomes demonstrated that EmEditor outperformed the other editors by a margin of 2 to 187 times in all the tested categories.

You can find the detailed results in our Text Editor Speed Comparison (PDF).

Disclaimer: We tested all apps as accurately as possible; however, all speeds depend on the tested computers, files, and other factors. All speeds, as well as failed tests (including crashes, incomplete, and partial results), may be improved or resolved in future app versions. We recommend that you install and compare these apps for yourself. Other factors, including the feature set, stability, usability, affordability, and design, should also be considered when deciding which app to choose.