Download Help

Starting with version 23.0, the Help file format was changed from a single CHM file to multiple HTML files.

You can access the help pages online at You can also download the files to your computer with either the installer or through GitHub releases. The portable version of EmEditor requires you to download the zip archive through GitHub.

  • Download EmEditor Help Installer here
  • If you have the portable version of EmEditor, download the help files from GitHub, and copy the files to your EmEditor folder with the following steps.
    1. Click here to download the latest English help files as a zip archive. You can also find the zip archives listed under each version of releases.
    2. Open the downloaded zip file in File Explorer. From the zip file, copy the Help folder, and paste it to your EmEditor portable folder which contains EmEditor.exe.
    3. In EmEditor, select Help > Search Help Topics and view the Local Help with the Web Browser within EmEditor. The local help homepage, located in Help\en\index.html of the EmEditor folder, should open in the Web Browser.